CompanyCzech Vanadium, a.s.

is a proud producer of ferrovanadium (FeV) and aluminothermic slag (Al2O3) since 1993. We offer high quality products to our customers with variety of packaging options. We are one of the top performing companies in the Czech Republic, stable employer in our region who highly values all its employees and suppliers. All our activities are performed with high safety standards with minimal impacts to the environment.

In 2022 we produced:
mtV of Ferrovanadium
MT of slag

Technical aluminium oxide

Technical aluminium oxide (TOH) is a
fine material trapped on the
filters of the reaction chamber in the
production of ferrovanad.
It has a high hardness and also
a high melting temperature.




Ferrovanadium (FeV) is an alloy of vanadium and iron in various proportions (usually 40-85% V). Ferrovanadium is used as an
additive in steel, where it increases
its strength, hardness and improves
its anticorrosive properties.


Aluminothermic slag

Aluminotermic slag (Al2O3) is produced by reducing oxygen from vanadium oxide in the production of Ferrovanadium. It has a high temperature resistance and is therefore used with advantage, among other things, in the production of refractory materials.

We committed:

  • Actively participate in improving the environment in the company and in its immediate surroundings.
  • We always consider and discuss our investment plans from the point of view of minimizing harmful effects on the environment.
  • Regularly review and evaluate the established environmental management system and set corresponding goals.
  • Using material and energy resources sustainably.
  • We are focusing on the life cycles of raw materials.


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